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Stacy seaton, ea, owner

Stacy Seaton joined the Sipes & Seaton team in 1998 as an intern and became the operations managing partner in 2002. She provides accounting, payroll, business consulting, QuickBooks, IRS issue resolution, and taxation services. Her focus is in the area of taxation of individuals and small business. She provides clients with knowledge of tax law for the benefit of their small business. As well as representation of taxpayers for matters concerning taxes with the IRS and state tax departments for personal and business tax audits or collection issues.

Just like the famous Supreme Court Justice Learned Hand said, “Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which best pays the treasury. There is not even a patriotic duty to increase one's taxes. Over and over again the Courts have said that there is nothing sinister in so arranging affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible. Everyone does it, rich and poor alike and all do right, for nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands.” Stacy works hard to keep our clients tax burden as low as possible.

Stacy continually receives training and education to keep abreast of the continually changing business environment and changes in the tax laws, both at the federal and state level by attending a variety of tax conferences and updates each year. She has attended:

• AICPA-University of Illinois National Tax Education Program- Level V
• PPCs Conference on Tax Planning For High Income Clients in La Jolla, CA
• AICPA Small Business Practitioners’ Tax Conference in Coral Gable, FL
• TSCPA Annual Federal Tax Update in Memphis, TN
...and many more.

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caity purcell

Caity Purcell is a staff accountant at Seaton & Company CPA, where she has various accounting, payroll, and write-up duties. She graduated from Austin Peay State University in December 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting. She recently moved to McKenzie from Nashville, where she worked as a Royalties Administrator at Warner Music Group and also interned for Maggart & Associates, PC during the 2017 tax season. She has plans to pursue her CPA license in the near future.

Riley seaton

Riley Seaton is a junior staff accountant at Seaton & Company. He is a student at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and he will graduate in December of 2020. Riley does write-up and other accounting duties for both clients and Seaton & Company.

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rebecca richards

Rebecca Richards is an Administrative Assistant at Seaton & Company. She holds an Associate’s of Science in Accounting with experience as an office manager at Fogg Farms in Heth, AR. She has plans to pursue her Bachelor degree in the near future. She currently resides in Henderson, TN with her husband, Robert. They have six children and especially enjoy spending time with their 10 grandchildren.